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Mid-market hotels are taking over India’s branded sector

In the late 1980’s Esso commissioned a survey of its UK customers and found less than 7% travelled onto Mainland Europe with their cars. Why this reticence on the part of families clearly capable of making their way from Poole to Provence in an overcrowded Metro? And no, it’s not what you think: back in ...
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India’s Private Equity Boom: Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Private Equity has never been about ignoring the fundamentals: the commercial nuts and bolts of any project which are essential for the creation of real and long term financial returns rather than focusing on short term and often illusory market fluctuations. Ask Warren Buffet and Anthony Bolton (of Fidelity) why they have been so successful ...
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India’s New Direction in Infrastructure Investment

For those commentators who might have thought they detected a slackening off over recent months in the appetite of Prime Minister Modi’s Government to engage in still further rounds of major infrastructure spending, the Union Budget Statement was something of a wake up call. Anyone sensing a slackening was simply looking in the wrong place, ...
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Regulating India’s Cryptocurrencies: The Power of the Eyebrow

When the Governor of the Bank of England was called out of BCCI’s financial wreckage by the Treasury Select Committee in 1995, he was asked to explain his approach to prudential regulation: how would he assert the Bank’s authority over a rogue institution like BCCI in the future? The Committee then sat open mouthed as ...
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Affordable Housing Programme: the Private Equity Boost

We’ve heard a lot recently about policy announcements made in this year’s Union Budget, but what about the headline announcements from last year; how effective have they been in delivering the radical economic programme currently being pursued by Prime Minister Modi’s Government? Well, the answer seems to be very effective indeed, particularly in the case ...
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Indian Infrastructure Projects: it’s good to talk

After decades of bewildering inactivity, the Indian Court System seems to have been jolted into life. Ask most western lawyers over the past twenty years whether Indian Courts can be relied on to deliver speedy and reliable results to complex claims and they would shuffle their feet and roll their eyes; because, historically, Indian Courts ...
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New Sustainability Initiatives: India’s way forward

At the close of the year, barely noticed by the world’s press, India’s Environment Minister, Harsh Vardhan, issued a major policy statement setting out the steps which the Modi Government is planning to take next to reduce air pollution in the subcontinent’s major conurbations (as well as taking a swipe at the municipal authorities in ...

The Money Go Round: how to (really) revitalise an economy

India’s Government has a majority stake in no less than twenty-one of the subcontinent’s banks, quite a few of which (not unlike their counterparts in the west) have been struggling recently to meet capital adequacy requirements imposed by their regulators. But here’s the key difference: whereas the challenges this poses in the west have been ...

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