Indian Real Estate

Joining the dots on FDI…Indian Real Estate has rich pickings

Just ask Vladimir Putin, no modern economy can survive in a vacuum: the world is too closely connected, too tangled up and interdependent, to allow any one country to go it alone. And, especially after the painful isolation of COVID lockdowns, no well managed economy would even think of trying. That’s why the regulation of ...
Indian Real Estate

Charting a Steady Course…Stability is the Guiding Star for Indian Real Estate

If, like most of us, you’re still struggling to chart a course through an uncertain future, the last thing you need, the very last thing, is instability and uncertainty: such as, for example, inflation rates in the UK, which have veered wildly from 2% to 5.4% over the space of six months. But while property ...

Take a Bow Ms Sitharaman …A timely boost for Indian Real Estate

For as long as COVID has maintained its icy grip on real estate markets, India’s increasingly middle class, increasingly urbanised population responded by tightening their belts, and that in turn caused developers to reduce property prices: offering a dazzling spectrum of attractive deals to maintain sales figures, as well as creating virtual home hunting and ...

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