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A Paradigm Model for India’s Consumer Boom

Like Facebook, the founders of Google hatched their plans for world domination in a dorm room, and like Amazon they moved into a garage for their first office. In those early days a bell would ring in Amazon’s garage each time it sold a book, and the staff would check to see if they knew ...

Going Green: India’s hotel sector is changing its complexion

On average the phrase “Eco Hotel” is searched at least 4,500 times a day on Google, targeting businesses operating on the subcontinent: stark evidence (if evidence be needed) that travellers of every complexion are increasingly aware of the importance of environmental compliance in their choice of hotel accommodation. But the recent surge in demand for ...

Post Brexit: the enigma of Free Trade

No less than 800 Indian companies currently do business in the UK, investing $5.95 Billion and generating revenues of $66.5 Billion annually. And the UK ranks 15th amongst India’s trading partners: at $18.2 Billion, it is the subcontinent’s fourth largest inward investor. So what will Brexit do to that relationship? The process of EU withdrawal ...
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What Goes Around Comes Around: India GDP growth

Before Lord Clive’s blue-coated enforcers moved in, as the military wing of the East India Company in the late eighteenth century, between 60% and 70% of the World’s manufactured goods were produced in India: more than all the countries of Europe put together. But by 1952 the subcontinent’s share had dropped to 3.8% and, as ...
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Getting to Market: India’s IPO Powerhouse

We grow used to newspaper headlines barking out “the hottest April ever” and, perhaps oddly, “the coldest April on record” (both of which now seem to be true), because we live in a world of complex superlatives, most of which will be forgotten in a week. But here’s one you would do well to remember: ...
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Exits and Entrances: A good year for Indian Private Equity

According to this month’s influential Bain Report, Private Equity Exits grew on the subcontinent by more than 60% in 2017 (India Private Equity Report 2018): an unprecedented $15.7 Billion, up from $9.6 Billion in 2016 and making last year the best ever year for PE exits in India. The number of exits also rose in ...
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Modular Construction as a key innovator

27,348 people live on every square kilometre of land in the Mumbai Conurbation, and this figure is expected to grow to 101,066 by 2020 making it the most densely populated area on the planet. This striking statistic is characteristic of the burgeoning and rapidly urbanised population trends which are currently driving the subcontinent’s economic miracle, ...
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Mid Market’s Moment: Trends in India’s Hospitality Sector

India seems to do everything on a bigger scale these days: the fastest growing large economy on the planet and the highest rate of GDP growth anywhere in the world (currently a shade over 8%). So why settle for just one reason when you can have five? Why settle for one reason to explain the ...

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