Emerging Technology

Working Less and Making More…Emerging Technologies in the Post-Covid World

How times changein 1955 British Ports handled 20% of the World’s shipping trade (19,014,000 tons), with Japan way behind at 3,578,000 tons (3%). But 45 years later the figures had flipped: Japan was handling 13% of the world’s shipping (70,608,752 tons), and Britain had slumped to 3% (at 15,539,475 tons: lower, even in absolute terms, ...
Affordable Housing

Getting Smarter to beat a Growing Crisis…Homelessness is all about time

Across the Globe last month 244,358 people died within a week of testing positive for COVID 19, and to meet that sad litany of anguish, governments have marshalled a series of unprecedented vaccination programmes: 470 Million people have now been vaccinated in India, at a rate of 70 every second, every minuteof every passing day. ...

Clean Technologies and Climate Responsibility… where are we going next?

New Technologies provide the vital DNA for our times, key catalysts for change in a fast evolving, ever changing world: thanks to digital innovation, you can now shop from home, buy a new home (from home), and send a message from Brighton to Bangalore in the blinking of an eye (provided it doesn’t exceed 280 ...
10 Reasons to Invest in India by Red Ribbon Fund Management Plc

The place to be: 10 reasons to invest in India

India’s economy and business landscape are changing, ushering in a period of growth, prosperity and investment opportunities. All the ingredients are in place for India to become a world leader investment destination. Let’s look a little more closely at just a few of the more compelling reasons why investing in India is an opportunity you ...
Eco Hotels Phenomenon - Red Ribbon Fund Management Plc

The Eco Hotel Phenomenon and Donald Trump’s observations

What turns a run of the mill, resource hungry hotel into an Eco Hotel and why does it matter? Well, the clue lies partly in the question: an Eco Hotel isn’t resource hungry at all. Instead of gobbling away at all before it, an Eco Hotel sips and nibbles at its key resources: energy, water ...
India Real Estate - Red Ribbon Fund Management Plc

Time matters with India’s Real Estate revitalisation

KPMG reported last month that Indian Real Estate Sector has now entered a “revitalisation mode”, with aggregate growth projected to reach $ 650 Billion by 2025 and topping $850 Billion by 2028: the average yearly contribution of real estate to the Indian economy will more than double from its current 7% by 2025. And CBRE ...
India Mid Market Hotels - Red Ribbon Fund Management Plc

Mid-market hotels are taking over India’s branded sector

In the late 1980’s Esso commissioned a survey of its UK customers and found less than 7% travelled onto Mainland Europe with their cars. Why this reticence on the part of families clearly capable of making their way from Poole to Provence in an overcrowded Metro? And no, it’s not what you think: back in ...
Modular Construction India - Red Ribbon Fund Management Plc

Modular Construction: the answer to the shortage of skills in India

Most Indians work in agriculture but next comes construction, and according to the latest Economic Survey the subcontinent’s real estate and construction sector is likely to create more than 15 Million jobs over the next five years, that’s three million every year. To put that in perspective less than 3 Million people are currently employed ...

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