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Highway to Prosperity

A Highway to Prosperity…Indian Infrastructure hasn’t gone away…its stronger than ever

Macroeconomic policy is all about joining the dots: matching suppliers with consumers, employers with workers, and resources to need. And that, in a nutshell, was what the United Kingdom Government was hoping to do with its HS2, High Speed Rail Programme: manufacturers in Manchester could speed south to customers in London, workers would be able ...
Emerging Technology

Working Less and Making More…Emerging Technologies in the Post-Covid World

How times changein 1955 British Ports handled 20% of the World’s shipping trade (19,014,000 tons), with Japan way behind at 3,578,000 tons (3%). But 45 years later the figures had flipped: Japan was handling 13% of the world’s shipping (70,608,752 tons), and Britain had slumped to 3% (at 15,539,475 tons: lower, even in absolute terms, ...

Red Ribbon Fund Manangement

Offering fast, efficient and cost effective structuring of financial products