Balancing the needs of a fast growing hospitality market

The World Travel and Tourism Council predicted this month that within the next decade India will be the fourth largest tourism economy worldwide, snapping at the heels of China, the United States and Germany. The Report makes a particularly interesting finding that this trend is not just driven by increasing numbers of international business and ...

India’s Infrastructure Partnership

Roger Bootle brilliantly described him (or her) as homo economicus: “a bloodless utility maximising machine, trying to increase pleasure and reduce pain in its own selfish interesta being that has never set foot on the earth but has left a huge footprint all over society.” But in truth, market economics are not as atomistic as ...

No Carillion for India: The Subcontinent’s New Audit Regime

English Law requires an Auditor to be a guard dog not a bloodhound, and that’s why Carillion collapsed in a Multi-Billion Pound insolvency with KPMG’s partners left wondering how to spend their bonuses while they wait to give evidence the House of Commons Finance Committee. But as with so much else over recent years, India’s ...

A Good Week for Tech Stocks, Hotels and Bears

Beware the Chef who won’t eat his (or her) own food, but fear the food even more: on which basis the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) was certainly cooking this week. Tata Consultancy Services announced a second stock re-purchase in as many years, equivalent to some 2% of its overall share value, and India’s largest software ...

India’s Blockchain Revolution

The social philosopher Slavoj Zizek thought money was a problem with most modern markets: not the lack of it, but that we have to use it at all. Zizek thought coins and cash, what economists call “fiat currencies”, were undermining social engagement between buyers and sellers, relieving them of the burden of setting their own ...

Modular Construction and India’s Urban Challenge

India’s already congested conurbations will have to find homes for 900 Million more people by 2050, and assuming a modest four person occupancy rate that means 856 new homes will have to be built every hour, every day for the next thirty years (fourteen a minute in case you’re wondering), with the subcontinent’s builders working ...

A Paradigm Model for India’s Consumer Boom

Like Facebook, the founders of Google hatched their plans for world domination in a dorm room, and like Amazon they moved into a garage for their first office. In those early days a bell would ring in Amazon’s garage each time it sold a book, and the staff would check to see if they knew ...
India Private Equity Boom - Red Ribbon Fund Management

India’s Private Equity Boom: Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Private Equity has never been about ignoring the fundamentals: the commercial nuts and bolts of any project which are essential for the creation of real and long term financial returns rather than focusing on short term and often illusory market fluctuations. Ask Warren Buffet and Anthony Bolton (of Fidelity) why they have been so successful ...

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