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A Crypto Kind of Year: Regulating India’s e-Retail Markets

Arun Jaitley is having a crypto kind of year. First he popped up with dramatic effect in this year’s Union Budget Debate, sending the price of Bitcoin spiralling worldwide, and the Finance Minister had barely sat down at this week’s meeting of the Financial Stability and Development Council when the “B” word came up again. ...
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India as Blockchain Capital of the World

In June this year at the London Business School, the Chairman and Managing Director of Egypt’s Commercial International Bank anticipated his Regulator’s response to any attempt to pursue the Blockchain strategies he and others (rightly) believe to be key to the future of international banking: the Regulator, he smiled, would shoot him. Hisham Al Arab ...

India’s Blockchain Revolution

The social philosopher Slavoj Zizek thought money was a problem with most modern markets: not the lack of it, but that we have to use it at all. Zizek thought coins and cash, what economists call “fiat currencies”, were undermining social engagement between buyers and sellers, relieving them of the burden of setting their own ...

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