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Investment Objective

This fund aims to achieve capital growth and income over the medium to long term via co-investment with developers in residential, commercial and mixed-use projects, as well as developing Grade A, carbon-neutral buildings.

  • Co-investment in inner-city redevelopment projects
  • Investing in listed equities of real estate developers and suppliers to the sector

The area of focus for the India reak estate fund will be:

  • Western Region – Mumbai/MMR and Pune
  • Northern Region – Delhi/NCR


Fund Name Red Ribbon RE RISE India Real Estate Fund
Minimum Subscription Institutional: €/£/$ 1,000,000, Well-informed: €/£/$ 125,000
Target Equity €200 million
Fund Advisor Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited
Eligibility Experienced Investor Fund
Domicile Luxembourg
Currency EUR, GBP and USD
Auditor Deloitte Luxembourg
Legal Advisor GSK Stockmann
Asset Manager Substantia Real Estate India Private Limited
Depository & Custodian RBC Investor Services Bank S.A

Fund Commentary

The Fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in Growth and Emerging Markets and Mainstream Impact Investments, such as India, that offer returns rarely available in western markets. Although investing in growth markets was often seen as an afterthought or a fringe investment, inward investment is now flocking to India – as India’s global economic role has burgeoned and it looks to a golden decade of growth – following the pattern of China’s trajectory template 20 years ago – the UK is shifting into a post-Brexit phase where trading and commercial relationships outside the EU are coming to the fore.

The scale of growth and business potential in India is enormous, warranting any serious investor to take note of the opportunities. Now the 5th largest economy, with 1.36 billion people, India is the world's largest democracy and holds 18% of the world's population. That is 18% of the world's wealth-creating and spending population and with nearly half that number under the age of 25, there are significant opportunities for capital growth.

Investor Profile

This fund is for experienced investors and institutional investors looking for a long term view with an outlook for Real Estate in emerging markets.

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