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Target Market: India/UK

Red Ribbon Private Equity Fund

Focused on Growth and Emerging Markets and Mainstream Impact Investments

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Investment Objective

Making Impact Investments in Growth and Emerging Markets

Investment Objective

This Fund aims to achieve and capital growth and dividend yield over the medium to long term by investing equity and/or debt in:

  • entities and/or ventures that are focussed on doing business with or within growth and emerging markets; and
  • impact investment entities and/or ventures.

The initial area of focus of the Fund’s investment objective with be the growth market of India and impact investment projects in the UK.


Minimum Subscription None if net worth greater than €1 million or €100,000 or €50,000 with advice
Redemptions Monthly
Valuation Monthly
Eligibility Experienced Investor Fund
Domicile Gibraltar
Currency GBP
Auditor PWC
Legal Counsel Triay & Triay
Administrator Juno (formerly Grant Thornton)
Bank Barclays Bank, London
Custodian Turicum
Listed Exchange Gibraltar Stock Exchange
Listing Member RSM
Inception Date 15 January 2018

Fund Commentary

The Fund offers investors the opportunity to participate in Growth and Emerging Markets and Mainstream Impact Investments, such as India, that offer returns rarely available in western markets. Although investing in growth markets was often seen as an afterthought or a fringe investment, inward investment is now flocking to India – India is the number one destination for Foreign Direct Investment with an inflow of $62.6 billion in 2016. It is now the third largest economy in the World (by purchasing power parity) after the US and China.

India is seeing powerful economic and social phenomena converging to make it a driving force in the world economy – increased urbanisation, a young, educated and motivated population, and a public policy that is unlocking spending on India's huge infrastructure requirements.

The scale of growth and business potential in India is enormous, warranting any serious investor to take note of the opportunities. With 1.3 billion people, India is the world's largest democracy and holds 18% of the world's population. That is 18% of the world's wealth-creating and spending population and with nearly half that number under the age of 25, there are significant opportunities for capital growth.

The Fund intends to invest in projects incubated by Red Ribbon through its proprietary incubation process where senior and established leaders from the relevant sector are appointed as CEO and mandated to establish, develop and list the business on the same standards as a UK plc.

Fund Manager

Suchit Punnose

CEO and Founder of Red Ribbon Asset Management; an organisation whose culture and underlying investment approach reflects Suchit’s conviction that the transition to a more resilient economy must inevitably be led by well governed businesses striving to reduce the environmental impact of creating value for society. A highly successful entrepreneur and experienced investor with an eye for emerging markets, Suchit is now building on his extensive experience to offer a mandate to investors seeking to align their financial portfolios with their values. Suchit is pioneering cutting edge investment strategies in growth markets. He is focused on projects in the UK and with affiliates or subsidiaries on the Indian subcontinent. His entrepreneurial talent and diverse knowledge of the cultures of Europe and India equip him with the skills required to develop projects with the same degree of rigour and professionalism expected of any European public company.

Investor Profile

The Fund is for experienced investors seeking exposure to private equity sector for their portfolio, which would otherwise be restricted to professionals and institutions in this sector.

Fund's Distinct Features

The fund is a listed, open ended fund, which enables exit after giving a month’s notice. This contracts with most private equity funds which are close ended and have long investment terms.


AMC 1%
Carried Interest
Fees >10% = 10%
>25% = 20%

Board Of Fund Manager

John Sheath - Chairman

John is an internationally experienced Chartered Director and independent non-executive director (NED). John Focuses on Risk & Corporate Governance, Business Development and Business Improvement, having served several blue chip clients in these areas as well as a NED for a variety of regulated businesses. Whilst maintaining an extensive contact database with significant benefit to his roles, he is also known for creating the only independent register for NEDs in Isle of Man, serving the island as a philanthropic venture. His wide experience both locally and internationally gives John insight that allows him to add great value, whether as a board member or as a consultant. John is resident in the Isle of Man and represents various regulated businesses and listed funds and is passionate about technology.

William Prescott - Director

William is an entrepreneur with an eye for emerging technology markets and has founded and successfully exited a number of technology-based ventures. He is an experienced mentor, business consultant and investor in early stage
ventures. His expertise includes product, process and business model innovation. Formally qualified with Masters Degrees in Physics, Micro Electronics, Telecommunications and with an MBA from the University of Exeter Business School, his focus is on innovation system’s architecture, impact investment, sustainability and business model innovation. William is driven by the belief that vibrant, healthy and resilient economies must be led by businesses that align their core purpose to the creation of positive environmental and social outcomes.

Marcus Wohlrab - Director

Marcus is a senior international executive with over 25 years’ experience analysing and valuing companies and other investment products, from venture capital, private equity to fully listed companies and their derivatives, assessing their risk profile for his institutional and private
clients as well as for his own portfolio. Marcus’ investment banking experience includes roles at Wood Gundy (Canadian investment bank), Paine Webber (US investment bank) and UBS. He was Executive Vice President at NASDAQ and EASDAQ Stock Markets and is the co-founder of the Gibraltar Stock Exchange.

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