Who we are

Red Ribbon Fund Management Limited is an AIFM, regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission. We primarily manage Experienced Investor Funds that offer specialist fixed income, equity, private equity, currency and property strategies as well as digital asset funds. Red Ribbon Strategic Fund PCC Ltd, a Protected Cell Company, is the umbrella entity under which we can establish an unlimited number of funds. We are a subsidiary of Red Ribbon Asset Management Plc.


We offer regulated funds and bonds with a technical listing on the GSX – the Gibraltar Stock Exchange. All offer varying strategies but a common theme is our Indo-British corporate strategy and core ethos of Mainstream Impact Investment (MII). Moreover, Gibraltar’s close alignment with the UK FCA’s financial services promotion regime means issues hosted on our platform can be passported into the UK for potential dual listings that can be marketed to a wide range of UK investors.

Our Team

We are led by a senior team of experienced financial services professionals with broad backgrounds across investment banking, consumer finance and fund management. The team shares a commitment to Gibraltar as a jurisdiction offering an agile regulatory environment that ensures fast and frugal fund and bond listings. We are united in our belief in the investment opportunities to be generated by the growing bi-directional flows of capital between the UK and India.

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